Quality is Built
Into Every Cavco Home

Beginning with the high quality materials used in construction to the complete system tests before shipment and every step in between, emphasis is on durability and lasting value.

Cavco Industries is focused on building quality, energy-efficient homes for the modern-day home buyer.

Beauty is more than skin deep in a Cavco home. Consistent quality is monitored by the ongoing structural and cosmetic audits performed by qualified factory people.

Cavco is a leading designer and builder of systems-built structures including manufactured homes, modular homes, commercial buildings, park model RV’s, and vacation cabins. We operate 19 manufacturing facilities across the nation, which build the most widely recognized brand names in the industry: Cavco HomesFleetwood HomesPalm Harbor HomesNationwide HomesFairmont HomesFriendship HomesChariot Eagle and Destiny Homes. The company’s insurance group, Standard Casualty, offers a wide range of insurance products for manufactured home owners and its finance subsidiary, CountryPlace Mortgage, offers a variety of homebuyer financing options. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, the company has built a reputation for quality, value and service since its founding in 1965.

Our systems-built homes are produced under various trade names and in a variety of styles, floor plans and price ranges. We build our homes to meet the appropriate building standards such as those of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), International Building Code (IRC), Universal Building Code (UBC) and we build park model RV’s to the ANSI 119.5 Building Code.

With manufacturing centers strategically positioned nationwide, we utilize local market research to design and offer a full range of homes to meet the interests of our customers; from entry level models to large custom homes. We have the ability to engineer designs in-house to accommodate virtually any customer request. Our homes are precision built in controlled indoor environments using comprehensive construction systems and processes where each home is assembled in stages under strict supervision. These factors enable the production of each home at an attractive value and within shorter completion times than onsite construction methods.

Our homes are efficiently distributed by independent retailers located throughout the U.S., as well as in Canada, Mexico and Japan; and through company-owned retail centers. We customize styles and specifications for the exclusive use of land/lease communities, subdivision developers, and large multi-location distributors. Cavco works with a variety of partners, meeting an expanding range of housing needs from a homebuyer’s private land to planned neighborhoods to recreational or resort properties to accommodations for workforces in agriculture and industry.

Cavco Industries is focused on building quality, energy efficient homes for the modern day home buyer. Green building involves the creation of an energy efficient envelope including higher utilization of renewable materials. These homes provide environmentally-friendly maintenance requirements, high indoor air quality, specially designed ventilation systems, best use of space, and passive solar orientation. Cavco also builds homes designed to use alternative energy sources such as solar and wind.

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